Security seals for bags: 4 good reasons to use them

Introducing security bag use to a business or organisation is simple and very beneficial. Being security seal specialists for over fifty years, we composed a list of the top 4 reasons to start using bag security seals. 

1: Content Management

Bags that have not been sealed could indicate that the bag requires restocking, inspection or counting. The internally accessed window is often used to index the contents. Different bag colours and styles can be used for faster content identification.
Security seals for bags2: Unauthorised Access Deterrent

Security seals are highly visible and therefore expose tampering instantly. Having a security sealing system in place can deter unauthorised access.

3: Tamper Evidence

Security seals provide security that standard locks cannot. Standard locks can be opened and relocked without leaving evidence of that occurrence whatsoever. The sooner you are aware of unauthorised access the sooner the instance can be examined.

4: Track and Tracing

If a system is in place to assign security seals with a specific number range to a person, all bags sealed with that range can be immediately traced to that person. Harcor also includes a barcode window that displays a unique barcode and human readable numbers on all security bags for asset identification.

Who are you going to call?

Harcor's patented security bag chamber is being used widely in many other countries, such as America. This is due to its unique tamper indicator points. This security feature results in tampering being exposed on the bag’s sealing chamber, if an attempt is made to remove it.

Phone showing security bags

With serial numbering being a vital component of a sealing system, you can rely on Harcor’s proprietary track and trace technology. It is used to manage serial numbering, prevent number duplication and enable fast tracking.

Being security seal specialists, the development of fundamental safe guards such as Exact and Track for serial number management has been at the core of Harcor’s success.

 Harcor's reusable security bags are very easy to seal. 

The video below shows how to insert and remove bags security seals. 

The video below demonstrates the unique security feature of the patented bag sealing chambers. 

It is important to always inspect the security bag and seals for signs of tampering. This involves checking that the seal’s material shows no visible stress whitening or weakening, and the print looks consistent with standard seals.

International success story.

Unlike local security seal businesses that stem from well-established international security seal brands, Harcor was independently formed in Australia 1969.

Security bags being used worldwide

Today Harcor not only continue to support the local market, but due to the many security products that Harcor have designed and patented, Australian designed security bags are now being sold worldwide!

Two years ago, Harcor appointed the world’s largest security seal supplier as an international distributor of their security bags. Harcor is very proud of this achievement, demonstrating local ability to produce world leading products that have adapted to today’s security needs.

Looking for security bags that you can rely on and real expert advice, contact Harcor. The security bag range can be viewed here and bag security seals here.