Exact Software has published an in-depth article profiling Harcor this month

The article features Harcor’s success relating to the deployment of custom ordering portals and the use of a unique security seal serial number tracking module.

When security seals are removed, the serial number is normally checked against the manifest or security log. The integrity and accuracy of the serial numbers being processed are vital in supply chain operations. Errors such as number duplication can lead to product recall and theft. Harcor fully understand the significant importance of serial number management, tracking millions of new serial numbers every year. The Exact & Track serial number tracking module was developed by Exact Software in conjunction with Harcor to securely store serial number data, protect against serial number duplication, enable fast serial numbering and tracking of security seals.

The ordering portal technology utilised by Harcor allows specific customers to have a unique individual ordering system with real-time stock information. As a result the customer places the order fully aware of the availability of supply. Customers can also re-order past orders, review them or save “favourite” orders, which can easily be repeated. Running numerous Synergy ECP ordering portals, tailored for use by some of Australia’s largest security and retail business, Harcor were sought out by Exact Software to comment on its appeal.

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