Security labels are being placed on petrol pumps to prevent skimming in the United States, will Australia follow?

The United States Secret Service removes about 20 to 30 skimmers a week, reported the Valencia County News-Bulletin last month. This alarming figure has the industry looking for a better way to detect tampering early. Low-tech physical security labels are currently being considered the preferred solution to this type of credit card information theft.

Security Labels - Australia

A skimmer installed in the body of the petrol pump offering self-service payment is sometimes discovered only when the machine is opened for servicing. This was the case last month when a skimmer was discovered at a BP petrol station in West Chester Pike.

The Daily Times published an article detailing the discovery of the skimmer and quoted the police stating ‘’the internal skimmer device was embedded in the body of the petrol pump, which made it not discoverable until the pump was opened for service’’. 

As a security measure, petrol pumps are being sealed with security voiding labels. Non-residue security labels do not leave an adhesive film behind, but will show the void/open message on the label's surface when removed. Service station attendants can then routinely inspect security labels on each petrol pump. These security labels can also be used to alert customers to avoid using the petrol pump, if the label appears to be tampered with or has been removed.

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