Good news if you want to place an order for durable Mail Bags in low quantities.

Harcor supply robust mail bags that are relied on to store and transport light and heavy weight postal material. Harcor’s clients have a number of different terms for mail bags such as mail satchels, pouches and sacks. No matter what you call them; Harcor continue to be the go to supplier for quality custom PVC and other style mail bags.

Mail Bags

The necessity to use mail bags that are designed and manufactured to withstand heavy handling has not changed. Therefore due to demand, a variety of hard wearing mail bag styles are now stocked and available for commercial sale in low quantities!

Please visit the mail bags webpage to see the range. The first four bags listed are in stock are ready to ship. If you cannot find the exact mail bag you are looking for, remember that Harcor manufacture bags to meet specific requirements.