Key Management Systems, now with more features at your fingertips.

Last month Harcor unveiled the new IKLAS Key Management Systems in Australia. The next generation of systems are now being supplied with touch screens, and can be configured to suit a wide variety of business and security needs.

Key Management Systems - News

The touch screen models have increased speed of operation, ease of use and are very intuitive. This reduces administration time and improves user experience. Not only that, they also include a host of new features, such as:

• Various access modes for different users and dual authentication options.
• A one-time use password can be requested by visitors using the touch screen (sent to administrator for approval).
• Direct transaction report downloads from key cabinets in addition to access via web browser through TCP/IP interface.

Meeting the unique needs of our customers, with regards to managing the use and movement of keys in buildings and facilities, is a fundamental part of Harcor’s expertise. The product development team are confident that not only will the touch screen systems meet the needs of customers, some features will exceed expectations!

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