Introducing the Key Management System that is a Technological Leap

Speed and security – these are the two principles with which the key management platform was developed

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Keys-on-Tap emerges as a revolutionary key management system, being the result of an innovative collaboration between Harcor and Amtac. It paves a critical avenue for the automobile industry that includes capabilities that have never been made accessible in the industry before. Addressing previously considered insurmountable problems.

Enhancing Security Measures & Speed with Keys-on-Tap

Keys-on-Tap aims to become a silver bullet for issues long deemed insurmountable in the high-velocity automotive sector. The system integrates with Harcor’s existing range of iKLAS electronic key cabinets and QR2id technology to provide enhanced security and management of vehicles and their keys.

In essence, Keys-on-Tap is a fortress, providing two layers of protection. Each QR2id-enabled polycarbonate key tag is electronically locked within a heavy-duty key cabinet. As another layer of security, photos of users are recorded during key retrieval and return, facilitating easy review by managers.

Beyond its leading edge in terms of security, Keys-on-Tap is also a time-saving solution, alleviating the stress often associated with traditional key management approaches. Authorised users enjoy instant, real-time visibility into the location or custodian of every key set. With just a few smartphone taps, they can access keys swiftly, securely and conveniently directly from the Keys-on-Tap mobile app.
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Redefining Key Custodianship

According to a recent poll conducted by OSV, over half of all drivers often misplace their vehicle keys – hence it is safe to assume that this also happens frequently at automotive dealerships that have to manage large sets of keys. Keys-on-Tap is a digital guardian of key logistics, deploying a real-time tracking system that ushers in reliability and speed and redefining key custodianship. Through its reliable, real-time tracking system, users can quickly identify the current holder of each key set, all while ensuring complete transparency. The individual who removes the keys from the locked iKLAS key cabinet temporarily assumes the role of custodian until another person can take custody of the keys in an appropriate manner or until the keys can be safely placed back in the cabinet.

Due to the amount of time saved by having rapid access to a guaranteed chain of custody, Keys-on-Tap can pay for itself!

Your Ally for Audits & Legal Action

Surpassing mundane and day-to-day operations, the platform also streamlines audits by showing authorised users exactly where cars are located in real-time. In the event that a dealership is required to take legal action, Keys-on-Tap makes its records available in a format that is admissible in court. Dealers can track exactly when and who handled keys and may use this information as evidence in legal processes.

Infinite Scalability, Unlimited Users

Unlike most solutions on the market, Keys-on-Tap is endlessly scalable, thus invaluable for those businesses that deploy it. To put it simply - the system expands along with your needs. Internal and external users may be added to the system, and then roles can be given to those users to determine their access. Additional key cabinets may be installed, keys with a generic function can be locked away, car accessories can be categorised, and even workshop equipment can be monitored!

Solving Parking Bay Issues

In scenarios where a vehicle obstructs a parking bay, the Keys-on-Tap system deploys its advanced technology to automatically identify all the required keys and promptly make them accessible to an authorised user.

Well, that's not all. Keys-on-Tap goes beyond just key management as the platform's intelligent QR2id code system offers distinct options tailored to the requirements of diverse user groups and workflows. For example, the system can be provisioned so that authorised users access Keys-on-Tap functions, while public users access contact forms or webpages showcasing a vehicle's specifications and sale information when scanned.

Maddington Toyota – Revelling the Success of Keys-on-Tap
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Maddington Toyota is one of the premier facilities that has fully implemented Keys-on-Tap, reporting significant benefits. Their dealership comprises a unique setup with an off-site facility, which previously posed some reoccurring challenges of not having keys centrally located. They now have 8 electronic key cabinets across two sites, managing approximately 1,000 keys. The prior circumstances often led to staff searching for keys that were not readily available.

With the implementation of the Keys-on-Tap system, it has revolutionised key management within the organisation. Now all staff members can track the exact location of keys at any given time, eliminating confusion and significantly enhancing operational efficiency. The system is saving Maddington Toyota a significant amount of money by reducing the time staff spend searching for keys, consequently increasing productivity.

According to Tomme Cook, General Manager of Maddington Toyota, “For our business case, we identified an opportunity to improve both the efficiency and productivity of staff, just due to the availability of keys and the access to making sure that we know exactly where every car is at any point in time throughout the day, even off-site from an off-site facility. As part of this study, we financially looked at some of the attributes that could determine whether this is going to be successful or not, and part of that, we worked out that basically, if 50 staff were able to save 20 minutes a day looking for keys, fumbling around, asking questions, interrupting other staff, it'll save us approximately $160,000 per annum, which is quite a considerable saving. And on top of that, the additional productivity we can achieve from those 20-minute intervals for each staff member every day, that's an untapped resource."

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