Harcor 's "Arm Core Cooler Harness" Wins the 2014 Fire Awareness award in the product design category.

The 2014 Fire Awareness Awards recognise a wide variety of projects that reduce the effect of fires in Victoria. Projects can focus on any fire type, including structure (housing, commercial, industrial) fires and bushfires.

We consider the Harcor nomination a major achievement and well deserved recognition of the work our Product Development Manager and volunteer Fire Fighter Peter Schaede, invested in the commercial development of the Arm Core Cooler Harness.

The Arm Core Cooler Harness is designed to reduce core body temperature fast in order to combat heat stress plus speed up recovery. This is achieved by hand and forearm water immersion. Studies from around the world have shown forearm and hand submersion cooling to have significant advantage over ice packs, cooling vests, misting and other forms of passive cooling methods.