Discover why the colour of hair nets and beard covers matter

The colour of your disposable hygiene apparel is a significant consideration that can differ for food services and manufacturing environments.Wearing Hair Nets

Harcor advises that a manufacturer who uses disposable safety apparel considers its colour in relation to the product being processed.

When it comes to hair restraints, the most common colour hair nets and beard covers that Harcor supply is white. In most cases this colour is ideal but there are some exceptions.

White is a popular choice for hair net and beard cover colour simply because it clearly shows dirt and potential contaminants. It is the perfect colour for most environments. However, in the baking industry for example, where many use ingredients such as flour, white is not used. This is due to the colour being difficult to identify in contrast to the ingredients being processed.

Employees involved in food preparation in public view, can often be seen wearing blue, green, yellow, pink or red hair restraints. These colours standout, demonstrating to the public that food preparation hygiene standards are being adhered to.

While branding is not high on the list of priorities regarding food safety, an employee's presentation can represent the company’s brand. Therefore, matching the employee’s uniform could also be a colour consideration.

Harcor’s disposable hygiene apparel is used in multiple industries. In addition to standard white and blue hair restraints, Harcor can supply various sizes, styles and colours as special orders.

Please note certain stock styles have a single carton minimum order. Non-stock hair restraints are subject to higher minimum order volumes.

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