Nifty new digital lock key cabinet joins the key management range.

In addition to requests for sophisticated networked key control solutions, a quick ‘’out of the box’’ easy to use key management product was desired by clients.

Digital Lock Key Cabinet

The latest addition to our range surprisingly boasts a large number of excellent features, making it incredibly great value for money.

Firstly it has a 80 key storage capacity. What makes this cabinet unique is that it allows multiple configurations of the key panels. This enables storage of very large keys and tags by omitting a key rack to increase hanging space.

Secondly it comes with 80 acrylic key tags, that are smarty designed to perfectly hang on the hooks to avoid key rings mistakenly dropping. This may seem like a minor feature, but it is possibly the best one. What is more annoying than moving a key ring and accidently unhooking others. You can still use the hooks to hang standard key rings, if preferred.

The modern and practically designed key cabinets are built with heavy gage steel for durability and safety. The product can be easily mounted as it has three mounting points and includes fixings. You can set or change a custom pin in seconds.

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