Finally, a smart solution to keeping airline drink and food cool!

If you have worked on an airline, you would be aware of the many issues related to managing food and drink temperature. This would include the use of ice that often leaves food and drink packaging wet and can be a hazard in the galley. Passengers are not always happy to with the option of ice cubes being added to wine or beer when the correct temperature has not been maintained.

Insulated Bags for Airlines

The good news is that Harcor have a solution to this problem via the smart design of the international Patent Pending ChillerAir Bag. The ChillerAir Bag includes features that have transformed temperature controlled food and drink service and have already started making other systems obsolete in Australia.

Insulated Bags for Airlines 7

The ChillerAir Bag is a smartly designed insulated bag that features ice brick pockets on four sides and optional inner lid and base pockets. The number of ice bricks used will depend on the desired temperature that the food or drinks is to be served at. The ChillerAir bag was so efficient at low temperature maintenance that when first used by a local airline, the number of ice bricks was reduced when serving certain foods. The use of ice brinks was due to it being vastly cheaper and easier to handle than dry ice.

Insulated Bags for Airlines 3

In addition to the insulation properties, the real magic of the product is its magnetic opening and closure. The quick, no hassle method of opening and closing the ChillerAir Bag greatly increases crew productivity. In addition to eliminating problems linked to jamming zippers, like broken finger nails!

Feedback from local crew responsible for food and drink service has been positive, and fast to point out the many benefits of using the ChillerAir Bag, like the ability to store it  on top of a trolley. This increases airline storage capacity and reduces the number of return trips required to refill the trolley.

As if being a vastly easier and more efficient at temperature at maintenance method was not enough, the product will soon be sold in a new flat pack design. This greatly reduces shipping costs and Harcor believes this will appeal to international airlines.

The ChillerAir Bag is made from PVC and so it is hardwearing and easy to clean. Airlines can select the size, material colour and elect to have the ChillerAir Bag printed with the Airline’s logo.

Want to see for yourself how versatile this product is? Harcor is offering a free sample to all Airlines interested in trialling the ChillerAir Bag. Email for your free sample today.