Australian made Key Management System that is surprisingly cheap

Harcor has launched what would to many be considered a rare find in the Key Management space: a locally manufactured and inexpensive key management solution.

Cheap Key Management SystemAs security specialists, the key management systems that Harcor sell are predominantly housed in cabinets, offering physical security that our clients require. However, not all clients needed the physical security of a key cabinet.

The deployment of a key cabinet for customers already storing keys in secure locations was simply an unnecessary cost normally associated with sophisticated key management systems. Not anymore with the birth of this key management system.

Key-Where was originally developed exclusively for the real-estate market. The Harcor team were very excited to find this system and immediately knew that with their key management insights, it could grow in scope. Today the Harcor Key-Where system is designed for use across multiple industries.

Using the Key Management System

Harcor Key-Where has it all and does it all, except make that perfect cup of coffee. That being said, with enough customer demand, a feature can be developed to schedule a customer’s coffee order to arrive when picking up keys.

Despite a price far lower than what has seen before, there is no need to question the quality of these key panels as they carry a 3-year warranty against defects and workmanship. For many this has been the answer to speeding up key management and eliminating the unnecessary frustration related to misplaced keys.

The system guides users via LED hooks on the panel that change colour depending on the status of the keys. This enables quick check-in and check-out of keys. The lights also give instant reconciliation of the keys, by simply looking at the key panel.

Key Management Solution - Key Information

Looking for more control? Keys can be reserved using the key system for future use. Automatic email and SMS reminders can be setup for overdue keys. An alarm sounds when a key is incorrectly removed from the board for added security. 

Key Management Software

The key management software is cloud based and is incredible value due to the low subscription fee. With a virtual key cabinet at your fingertips, physical checks become unnecessary. You know remotely whether keys are on the key panel, on loan, or missing. Uploading current key data is super easy with the CSV upload import wizard.

The hardware comprises of the key panel, power supply, 120 tags, hooks and all the accessories for mounting and assembly. The key panel is a WiFi device that interfaces with the key management system. The two-step verification process is used to keep online data access secure.

The standard RFID tags that come with a panel are grey, orange and light blue. For those customers that are looking to colour coordinate, different colours options can be arranged at an additional cost. Additional tags are also available for purchase if needed.

Key panels are 1020 mm x 680 mm x 50 mm with hooks. There is enough space (depth) on the hooks to hold up to 2 sets of keys. This is dependent on the number of keys per set. The product page can be viewed here. As the product is currently priced to move, contact us now for more information.