Handle cargo tracking and chain of custody from your smartphone!

New tracking products have been added to Harcor’s technology range in order to fulfil the local need for improved, secure and economical tracking services. Harcor have teamed up with Ascent Solutions to offer the Australian market cutting-edge tracking technology that can assist clients by seamlessly tracking vehicles, containers, cargo and non-motorised assets.

Cargo Tracking

The system utilises the global iSPOT cloud service platform. The platform enables clients to receive real-time alerts when cargo is tampered with in addition to fully compressive reporting on demand. The new range includes products like the iSCOUT and iSENSOR that do not require hardwiring for fast and hassle-free implementation.

Another new and unique product is U*Lock. U*Lock provides tracking and chain of custody features that are accessible using an application installed on your Smartphone via Bluetooth. If you wish to combine traditional security sealing with electronic locking the U*Lock is the ideal product, as you are able to seal the unit electronically and with an adjustable plastic security seal.

You can view the full range of Harcor’s new technology products here or contact us now to discuss how we can assist you to identify your ideal security and tracking solution.