Car Seals - ideal for valve lockout applications.

Why are security seals that are used for locking valves called Car Seals? The reason for the term Car Seal is due to the initial application on the railway cars used for securing valuable commodities.

Car Seal - Valve Lockout - Cable Security Seal News

The versatile cable security seal was subsequently identified as an ideal valve lockout solution. Valves are locked in the open or closed position to prevent unauthorised access.

The Car Seal's colour is often used to indicate the valve's position, green representing the open position and red closed. The seals are available in a wide variety of colours. The colours can be used to identify the unique character of what is flowing through the valve.

Custom cable diameters and lengths are available. Car Seal print options include logo, text, serial numbering and barcoding. The Car Seal is used by inserting the end of the cable through the chamber until the preferred locking point is reached.

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