The reason a leading scrap metal company trusts Sealock barrier seals to protect their shipments.


Top scrap metal company Alter Trading Corporation had a dilemma - shrinking container weights at international destination ports. Fleet and Compliance Coordinator Allen Perkins recalls the situation: "Containers would arrive at their ultimate destination with different seals, missing tape labels, etc. We had strong indications that in one instance, the doors to the container were themselves removed, seals intact."


After switching from bolt and strip-band seals to Sealock lock and seal devices, Perkins saw a different trend: "We rapidly decided to utilize the bar seals on all international shipments when we realized an immediate and substantial decline in reported weight discrepancies. " Sealock continues to be one of the smartest and easiest solutions we have found" Allen Perkins

Sealock requires two cuts and two tools to remove. The key theft deterrent is the need for both a power cutting tool such as an angle grinder and a cable cutter for removal.

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