Australia’s Most Popular Security Seals

After supplying Australia with millions of security seals in 2023, it is time to uncover the country's security seal preferences. We are not going to enlighten you on what your security seal colour preference reveals about your personality, but hopefully, if you are considering what security seal to use next, these will make your short list.

Looking back at 2023, the security seal that made the biggest splash was the recently introduced Kappa Seal. This seal ranked second behind the Sky Seal, regarding overall sales volume in the adjustable length security seal category.

The selection was based on order volume and has been split into the five most common security seal classifications.

Australia’s Most Popular Security Seals

Adjustable Length Plastic Seals

An ‘’Adjustable Length Plastic Seal” is a type of seal that is adjusted via pulling the seal’s tail to the desired locking position.

Adjustable Length Plastic Seals

Winner: Sky Seal

This seal keeps growing in popularity and has finally taken the top spot. White being the most ordered colour in the Sky Seal range.

Special mention: Kappa Seal

Last year we listed S-Grip in this section, and it continues to be one of the most popular security seals, especially with those looking for an adjustable seal with a wide tail that provides extra strength. The Kappa seal gets a special mention this year due to enabling super quick application and removal. This is due to the well-designed tear feature for seamless removal. 

Bag Security Seals

A Bag Security Seal is used to seal a security bag by being inserted into the bag’s security chamber. The seal needs to be broken prior to removal thus providing tamper evidence.
Bag Security Seals

Winner: Harclip Seal

This is the seal that put Australian designed security seals on the map. Green being the most ordered colour.

Special mention: Themis Seal

This seal is the next generation of Australian designed bag security seals and offers a larger flag for increased number legibility.

Bolt Seals

Bolt Seals feature a locking mechanism that prevents removal without a removal tool such as bolt cutters. They are frequently used to secure container doors.
Bolt Seals

Winner: ECO Bolt Seal

This bolt seal has become the mainstay of many businesses as it is easy to use and is ideal for cargo protection. Yellow being the most ordered colour in the ECO Bolt Seal range.

Special mention: TAVSEAL-2

This container seal boasts an exclusive high security design and complies to ISO 17712:2013 testing.

Cable Seals

Cable Seals are applied by inserting the end of the cable through the chamber until the preferred locking point is reached. The chamber has a mechanism to stop the cable pulling back after being sealed. 
Cable Seal

Winner: ECO Cable Seal

This is an easy to use, multi-purpose, versatile heavy duty cable seal. Based on the quality of cable seal build, this seal offers outstanding value and is available in various diameters and lengths. Blue is the most frequently ordered colour in the ECO Bolt Seal range.

Special mention: The S204 Breakaway Cable Seal

This cable seal has a unique high security chamber. The seal is popular with multiple industries including Australian banks.

Fixed Length Seals

The locking point of this style of seal is fixed in a single position. These seals are also known as strap seals, truck seals and car box seals.
Fixed Length Security Seals

Winner: Truck Seal

This seal is an exceptionally strong fixed length seal and is produced in easy-to-use strips of 20. White is the most ordered colour.

Special mention: Eco Fixed Length Ring Seal

This seal features a classic design that is popular due to the ease of use and value for money.

What about your meter seals?

Meter seal designs differ greatly and so it would not be appropriate to compare them. That said, the Energy Seal and Tool Less Meter Seal with pre-attached sealing wire, are highly popular in the utility industry.

Who are you going to call?

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