Harcor's Artwork Transportation Bag is unveiled!

Movement of valuable artwork from homes, galleries, museums and auction houses often presents a problem. What is the best way to protect and store the artwork? The Harcor design team have the answer. It's called the Artwork Transportation Bag. The bag is specially designed for protecting artwork on the move.

Harcor's Jarrod Kelly championed the bag design and focused on producing a padded bag that not only protects the contents but also could be carried seamlessly from multiple sides. A Sydney based property styling business was the first to use Harcor's Artwork Transportation Bags last year. With the increasing interest in the bag a decision was made to create awareness for the bag by publicly releasing the bags as an official product on the website this month.

As a security seal specialist, Harcor is able to offer this product with a security chamber closure in place of the standard Velcro flap. This would enable sealing of the bag with a security seal. The security seal can then be inspected during artwork movements to ensure that it is still intact.


Please select this link to view the Artwork Transportation Bag's product listing.