4 Risks of Not Having a Key Management System in Place

Without key management systems, businesses face operational and legal risks.

Key management systems enable businesses, such as dealerships, to solve a host of key-related problems at a low cost. It’s a technology that is transforming workflows. On the reverse side, the risks of not having a key management system are significant.  

Risks of not having a Key Management System

Risk 1: Losing Keys

Conventional key control is prone to error such as handing staff, contractors or customers, the wrong keys or failing to keep track of the keys that you have in your possession. Key management systems reduce the cost and frustration associated with this common occurrence.

Risk 2: Inefficient Operations

Lack of key management can also lead to a significant reduction in operational efficiency. Without proper key management, operatives waste time rummaging through all the keys in their possession, trying to find the right one.

Risk 3: Lack of Auditing

Businesses that do not use key management systems find it considerably more challenging to audit their current key status. They cannot see which keys are in their cabinets, who last accessed a certain key, who replaced them and so on.

Risk 4: Insufficient Paper Trail During Legal Action

A lack of a key management system also leads to a paucity of supporting paperwork. Businesses find it much more challenging to keep records detailing who handled keys and when. In court, they may fail to produce supporting documents that help their case.

The answer to reducing these risks is to use an effective key management system. Harcor have an excellent range of electronic key cabinet solutions. For the best advice, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.