Gravity - Key Loss Prevention

Never Risk Losing Your Master Keys or Access Cards Again

Gravity is the industrial-grade, digital tethering device that reduces human error from master key loss. Gravity tethers the keys and surrounds workers with a protective force field wherever they go. When keys breach their five-step perimeter, Gravity lets you know. It’s rugged, proven, and secure. Best of all there’s no learning curve.

How Gravity Works

Gravity consists of two units that are holstered together

The Belt Unit is affixed to the user’s belt via a strong metal belt clip

The Key Unit is holstered to the Belt Unit via a dual action release

Master keys and cards are attached to the Key Unit via any standard key ring (tamper proof is best)

To release keys, the user simply presses a button and lifts the Key Unit up and out from the Belt Unit

Upon release, Gravity activates. The Key Unit flashes one time, indicating that it is now in radio contact with the Belt Unit.

So long as the Belt Unit and Key Unit remain within range, no alarm will sound.

In the event that keys are left behind (5-7 steps), the radio signal strength drops to a certain level which activates a three-way separation alarm. The Belt Unit vibrates and chirps. The Key Unit flashes a LED strobe and sounds an 85 decibel alarm.

Gravity continues to alarm until the Key Unit is re-holstered to the Belt Unit

Gravity’s simple but powerful technology virtually eliminates the risk of losing master keys or access cards


Please contact Harcor, the Tether Technologies Gravity official distributor (Australia) for more information.

Applications: Key Security