ISPOT - Cargo Tracking & Fleet Management

The Secure, Efficient and Scalable Solution For Electronic Cargo Tracking & Fleet Management


iSPOT is a globally patented solution that allows clients to achieve both Electronic iSPOT® Cargo Tracking (ECTS) and Fleet Management (FMS) with the use of one set of hardware. Utilising the iSCOUT, the iSENSOR and the IVM, it offers customers a scalable solution depending on their needs. With the rise of new threats to cargo security, it becomes increasingly vital for companies to deploy electronic cargo tracking solutions to increase security and efficiency in their logistics operations. The iSPOT platform is perfect for ensuring the security and visibility of containers, trucks and other assets in transit at all times. The iSPOT allows clients to receive real-time alerts when cargo is tampered with.


iSCOUT is a standalone, plug and play device with an adjustable live fibre core wire making it extremely flexible in its application. It gives immediate asset visibility and security status to clients. iSCOUT is built to military specs and can withstand tough conditions on long journeys.

iSENSOR is the lighter version of the iSCOUT and is not a standalone device. Paired with either the iSCOUT or the IVM, it is ideal for tracking explosive and hazardous cargo. It can also be used to detect environmental changes to prevent spoilage or damage of goods.

IVM (In Vehicle Monitoring unit) is able to give clients full view of how their fleet is being utilised to obtain maximum efficiency. It can also be paired with the iSENSORS to perform electronic cargo tracking.

The iSCOUT and iSENSOR do not require hardwiring, enabling fast and hassle-free implementation.

Applications: Vehicle Tracking