SCEC V6 Security Label

The V6 Security Label is a SCEC approved tamper-evident pressure sensitive, moisture and temperature resistant seal with a removable top surface.

It is suitable for most soft surfaces such as paper, cardboard, and shrink wrap.


  • SCEC Approved security label.
  • Destructible backing.
  • Laser engraved printing.
  • Numbering and type set text or outlined logo options.

Standard Size

30mm round diameter

Minimum Order

1 roll (1000 labels per roll).

Seal Application Instructions

Step 1

Ensure surface to which seal is applied is clean and dry. Slowly peel backing material from seal, taking care not to touch the adhesive.

Step 2

Using finger/thumb pressure, slowly roll back the liner (backing material) to expose the adhesive side (underside). Note that during the rolling process, the print data may temporarily distort.

Step 3

Place seal on item - applying heavy finger pressure across the entire surface (especially the whole circular edge & lip area) ensuring the adhesive is totally affixed i.e. with no part of the adhesive side left exposed. Allow up to 10 seconds before lifting the small lip at the side of the seal to remove the transparent surface film.

Step 4

Remove lip slowly - should you detect some "lift-off" of the seal - apply slight finger pressure to ensure it remains adhered to the surface.

As with all adhesives, some curing (strengthening) time is required for maximum adhesion. Depending on the surface and ambient conditions. We recommend allowing 30 minutes or more.

Core Specifications: