Key And Job Ticket Control System


  • Keys and job ticket jackets are never separated.
  • Keep track of who has the keys and work order.
  • Reduce lost shop time looking for customers’ keys.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.

The Station can be mounted in rows or columns. An optional quick connect/disconnect bracket is available which allows The Station to be removed at night for secured storage.

Key Management using five simple steps:

1: Keys and job ticket are checked in.
2: Job ticket is locked into The Station.
3: Insert the Assigned Access Key to release the job ticket.
4: Access Key remains in the Cobra Lock.
5: Keys and job ticket holder stay together.

The Station comes with:

• 20 Locks
• 20 Vinyl ticket holders
• 50 Nylon key holders
• 1 Master key
• 10 Access keys

Powder coated aluminium board dimensions: 915 x 90 x 16mm | Weight: 1.2kg

Applications: Key Security