eCLIQ - Wireless Access Control

eCLIQ is a fully electronic wireless access control system. It is a cost-effective solution which provides electronic access control without the need for wiring.

The eCLIQ electronic locking system is based on the CLIQ technology from ASSA ABLOY used worldwide. The core of this purely electronic locking system is the unique, innovative locking cylinder technology. With its setup and its structure, the cylinder offers a measure of compactness and security never achieved until now.

The eCLIQ key is likewise a true innovation with considerable resilience in an exceptional, distinct design. Equipped with a chip of the latest generation, the system is faster, more powerful, more secure and efficient than conventional locking systems.

System Features

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Retrofits into existing locks
  • Electronic access control without wiring
  • Flexible electronic access rights
  • Time scheduling
  • Durable and secure
  • Blocking of lost keys
  • Audit trails

Cylinder Benefits

  • Available in a variety of cylinder and lock variants including padlocks
  • Audit trails as well as a list of blocked keys are stored in the cylinders’ memory
  • No batteries in the cylinder
  • IP67 rated padlock

Key Benefits

  • Durable reversible key with a striking design
  • High quality and robust
  • IP67 rated keys
  • Waterproof and dust-tight head
  • Standard, easily replaceable, 3V battery in the key

Both the key and cylinder contain electronics but only the key has a battery. The battery in the key powers up the electronics in the cylinder at key insertion.

CLIQ cylinders are installed in areas which require electronic features such as audit trails, time limited access and easy lost key blocking.

Dust and water protection

Cylinder: IP classification IP 54 (=protected against dust and water splashed from all directions). IP classification IP 55 (if dust covers are used) (=protected against dust and low pressure jets of water from all directions). Padlock: IP classification IP 67 (= No dust can enter the key, and it is protected immersion). Key: IP classification IP 67 (= No dust can enter the key, and it is protected immersion).

Time functions

eCLIQ keys have a clock and calendar feature. An eCLIQ key can be programmed to be: always active, active between certain dates or inactive. It is also possible to set a weekly operation schedule to the key. The calendar allows the administrator to specify up to 32 time periods where the key is granted access throughout the week. Cylinder specific time periods can be programmed in the key. The key can for instance be programmed to open all cylinders Mon - Fri 8AM - 5PM except for one (or more) cylinder(s) which can only be opened on Saturdays.

Suitable for various industries: City Councils, Museums, Art Centers, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Health Centres, Commercial Buildings, Factories, Offices, Transport/Logistics and Schools.

Now you can leave outdated locking systems in the past. CLIQ® technology gives you a simple step-up from mechanical locks to powerful, modern access control.

Please contact HARCOR, the ASSA ABLOY® eCLIQ official distributor (Australia) for more information.

eCLIQ was in development stage as Harcor, in conjunction with ASSA ABLOY, were working on providing an electronic keying solution to one of Australia’s largest aviation businesses. This resulted in the fast tracking of this product to Australia prior to its worldwide release! Having ASSA ABLOY’s system being adopted first in Australia in 2016, continues to show that when it comes to companies migrating to technology that offers improved efficiencies, we are not afraid to lead the way.