S204 Breakaway Cable Seal

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The S204 Breakaway Cable Seal has a unique security chamber that is not vulnerable to friction attacks.

The unique chamber enables the cable to be easily adjusted to the ideal sealing point prior to sealing. Popular with multiple industries including Australian Banks.

The Breakaway key is simply inserted and rotated clockwise when it is adjusted to the ideal sealing point. The key then separates from the sealing bolt.


  • Breakaway key locking seal.
  • Unique sequential serial numbering.
  • Removed by cable cutters.


High quality steel cable (Aircraft Grade).
Steel locking case with external plastic coating.

Unit Dimensions

SF20113: 300mm Long 1.8mm Diameter


SF20512: 900mm Long x 1.8mm Diameter


SF20113 (1000 Units) Size: 410mm x 280mm x 240mm
Weight: 17.32kg


SF20512 (500 Units) Size: 410mm x 260mm x 210mm
Weight: 13.14kg

Security Seal Numbering Video

Exclusive Serial Numbering Technology

  • Protects against serial number duplication.
  • Enables fast serial numbering and tracking.

Core Specifications:

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