Narrow Diameter Bolt Seal

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The narrow diameter tamper evident seal is ideal for applications that require a bolt seal for securing a regular or narrow orifice.

This tamper evident bolt seal has been designed for multiple transport applications.


  • Sequentially numbered lock body
  • Sequentially numbered bolt
  • Laser printed (increased security)
  • Removable with bolt cutters
  • Connected lock body and bolt
  • Easily detached lock body and bolt


Carbon steel galvanization. Coated with ABS plastic.

Breaking Strength

Greater than 305kg

Unit Dimensions:

Bolt length: 65mm | Bolt diameter: 7mm

Locking body length: 26mm | Locking body diameter 15mm

Carton Dimensions (500 Units):

380 x 270 x 260mm (Weight 14kg)

Code: SF07714 (Yellow - Stock Numbered)

Minimum Order:

2 Boxes (40 Units)