MATRIX COMPACT - Key & Asset Control

MATRIX COMPACT - Key & Asset Control

Do you have dozens or even hundreds of valuable keys? Is key control and security a top concern? MATRIX has the advantage of offering more secure capacity in less space.

This modular desktop unit has a maximum capacity of 384 keys. The system allows full control of your keys and assets in a way you've never seen before. Unlike other systems where anyone who opens the front door can tamper or steal any key in the cabinet, MATRIX protects each key in a separate locked compartment with no ability to access without manager permissions. In addition, every operation made can be video recorded for future review.
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Premium key management system that provides the best combination of key control and maximum security.

Core Specifications


Key security
  • Harcor Warranty

Product Details

MATRIX software contains many advanced and unique features allowing you to stay in full control over keys usage in your organisation. The key control system arrives with a large 15" touch monitor and voice guidance making the operation extremely easy.


  • Up to 384 keys
  • Sealed compartments
  • Video records
  • Real time alerts
  • Easy to use
  • Voice guidance
  • Remote connection
  • DMS integration

System specification

Dimensions (WxHxD): 84 x 74 x 56 cm

Weight: up to 145 kg

Monitor: 15” PC: HP UPS (included)

Operating system: Windows | 2 x USB 3.0 2 x USB 2.0 Internet connection (RJ-45)

Manual override: Included

Colour: Black and silver

Power: 110-230 V Safety & EMC: UL, CE


Biometric reader / RFID reader / Video camera | Compartment size 

Installation requirements

Table for 350 ILS (160 kg) / MATRIX Trolley (optional) One power outlet (110-230 V) Internet connection (for online mode)

For more than just keys! Secure and manage license plates, tools and expensive devices!

“MATRIX is truly the best key management system I've seen” Jonathan Eltes, Mercedes-Benz Brampton

“MATRIX is nothing like any other key cabinet! It gives us peace of mind knowing our keys are protected” Kelly G McNeil, Sunset Chevrolet / Ford / trucks

“I remember that my first reaction was WOW!!! I know other key systems but this is something else” Quinn Binkley, Harmony Honda

“MATRIX allows us to manage our keys in a very effective manner. This is a mandatory item for all dealers” Rob Kieswetter, Kieswetter Mazda

“The Matrix Key System has been fantastic - the level of support has been beyond compare” Rob Girouard, Mercedes Silver Star

Design your own configuration from any combination of storage compartments.

Compartment Dimensions:

50A: 50 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 42 mm (L)
50B: 50 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 92 mm (L)
50C: 50 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 142 mm (L)
50D: 50 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 192 mm (L)
50E: 50 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 242 mm (L)
50XXL: 50 mm (H) 260 mm (W) 447 mm (L)

75A: 75 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 42 mm (L)
75B: 75 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 92 mm (L)
75C: 75 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 142 mm (L)
75G: 75 mm (H) 89 mm (W) 142 mm (L)
75H: 75 mm (H) 89 mm (W) 192 mm (L)
75L: 75 mm (H) 89 mm (W) 292 mm (L)
75XL: 75 mm (H) 165 mm (W) 295 mm (L)

100A: 100 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 42 mm (L)
100B: 100 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 92 mm (L)
100C: 100 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 142 mm (L)
100D: 100 mm (H) 39 mm (W) 192 mm (L)
100J: 100 mm (H) 139 mm (W) 142 mm (L)
100K: 100 mm (H) 189 mm (W) 142 mm (L)
125XL: 125 mm (H) 165 mm (W) 295 mm (L)
125XXL: 125 mm (H) 165 mm (W) 445 mm (L)