U*Lock - Freight Tracking

In a complex logistics world, goods are handled by many parties before reaching the end user. U*Lock is designed to resolve complex logistic challenges such as chain of custody, proof of delivery and tracking of goods from source to destination.

U*Lock is an Electronic Security Lock with 3 locking mechanisms, namely the physical wire cable lock, optional one time plastic seal for identification and electronic arming and disarming by a smart device. U*Lock is powered by ATLAS, an Active RFID, low cost & long battery life tag.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 66mm
Width: 46mm
Depth: 35mm
Weight: 500g


Temperature -30C to +70C operating
Humidity 95% non-condensing


Frequency: ISM 2.4GHz GFSK modulation
Active Transmission Power: 9dBm
RX Sensitivity: -93dBm
Compliant: Bluetooth v4.1


Battery: Lithium Battery
Diagnostics: Reports low tag battery status


Security Sensor: Detect possible security breach

Protection Type

IP-65 intrusion protection from dust or water

Applications: Vehicle Tracking