Security Stickers Image 3

Harcor supply a vast range of security stickers. The security stickers Harcor recommend will depend on aesthetic requirements, application and surface type. The above image shows two common types of security stickers, residue and non residue. The residue security stickers leave a residue and show a void/open message when removed. The non residue security stickers leave no residue on the surface, they show a void/open message when removed.

Security Stickers Image 2

The above image shows self destruct and weather sensitive security stickers.The self destruct security stickers tear when removal is attempted. They therefore cannot be used again. The weather sensitive security stickers are ideal for warranty claim applications as red appears around the sticker to show that it had been in contact with water/moisture. The security stickers shown below are in stock, keep in mind Harcor also supply a huge variety of custom designed security stickers.

Security Stickers Image 1

The above image shows white and transparent self destruct sticker stock in addition to metallic 3D security stickers that leaves a honeycomb residue when removed from a surface. If you are looking to have security stickers printed with logo, barcodes or something out of the ordinary, please complete our contact us form for assistance and professional advice.