UltraViolet Mini Money Detector

In addition to security seals and security bags Harcor also offers a range of counterfeit protection products such as the UV Mini Money Detector.

The Mini Money Detector has a detecting magnetic sensor that is highly sensitive making it easy to identify security thread.

Simply pressing the UV button reveals the fluorescent patterns that can be seen on genuine EURO,POUND and USD bank notes.

Features & Functions:

  • Ultraviolet Euro,Pound and US dollar detecting.
  • Magnetic printing ink detecting.
  • Magnetism security thread detecting.
  • Includes lanyard.


• CE approved
• RoHS Compliance

Unit Dimensions

Net weight: 32g

Batteries (Not Included)

Batteries: Ag 13 lithium cellx (Batteries are available at Bunning's or go to the Ozbatteries website to purchase online.)

Carton Dimensions (Gift box packing):

QTY/CTN: 200pcs
Carton Size: 480×340×470(mm)
N.W./CTN: 7kg
G.W./CTN: 11kg

Core Specifications:

Applications: Counterfeit Security