One Seal

High Security Container Seal - with flexible pin and ANTI-SPIN feature.

The patented flexible design provides a high degree of flexibility to fit on any container, truck or trailer door hasp.

The patented anti-spin feature ensures that the pin with its 4 “fins” as part of the locking mechanism prevents friction attacks. The stock Yellow, Green and Blue, One Seal models now include the anti-spin feature.

The pin of the seal has a Ø 5 mm soft wire embedded, making it flexible and resistant to any harsh tool. The pin is coated with plastic and marked with an “H” indicating High Security Seal. Standard colours are red, white, blue, green and yellow.


  • SCEC Approved.
  • Approved by New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS).
  • ISO 17712 and C-TPAT compliant.
  • 20 bolts per tape and 20 locking heads per tape.
  • Unique sequential serial numbering.


The core of the seal is made of metal and cast into a shock proof plastic material which cannot burn.


8.5mm diameter shaft.
20mm diameter head.

Carton (200 Units)

Size: 385mm x 205mm x 105mm
Weight: 18.35kg

Strength Characteristics

A close test has been performed to guarantee a high and uniform tensile strength of a minimum 2500lbs. If you expose the seal to a tensile force larger than 2500lbs the pin will break before the actual locking mechanism.

Security Seal Numbering Video

Exclusive Serial Numbering Technology

  • Protects against serial number duplication.
  • Enables fast serial numbering and tracking.

Core Specifications:
Unit Of Measure
Green & Yellow
Unique Character
Stock Numbered