Eco Bolt Seal

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Easy to use bolt seal, ideal for cargo protection.


  • Laser printed (increased security).
  • Unique sequential serial numbering per seal (bolt shaft and locking case are identically numbered).
  • High impact plastic cover on locking chamber; plastic coating on rod; both clearly indicate tampering.
  • Locking insert spins freely to confirm seal integrity.
  • Metal locking end encased in a consecutively numbered body.
  • Removed with bolt cutters.
  • 12 units per blister pack.


Made from 100% virgin materials.
No recycled material used.
Material is ABS plastic coated.
Shaft has been treated to comply with salt spray test.
Carbon steel with zinc chromate finish.
ABS plastic body on locking case.


10.3mm diameter shaft.
20mm diameter head

Carton (300 units)

Size: 300mm x 430mm x 100mm
Weight: 16.5kg

Strength Characteristics

Average pull apart force is1,600 Kg
Average cutting force is 2,252 Kg
Average impact force is 40 Nm
Bending force: 60.33 Nm

MOQ 60 - Sold in multiples of 60

Security Seal Numbering Video

Exclusive Serial Numbering Technology

  • Protects against serial number duplication.
  • Enables fast serial numbering and tracking.

Core Specifications: