Cable Sealock

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Double loops mean locking and sealing: Only one seal number controls the locking function and the sealing function simultaneously, so two cuts are required.

Exceeds all ISO/PAS 17712 & ASTM “F” 1157 Standards. C-TPAT compliant.

Features (3mm version)

  • ISO/PAS 17712 and C-TPAT compliant.
  • Total seal length of 1574.8mm.
  • Short exposed cable length (both diameters) is 355mm.
  • Length of long end cable can be increased in 50.8mm increments.
  • Cable ends lock within seal body via a patented locking device.
  • Two cuts of cable, by cable cutter, required for seal removal.
  • Braided cable frays when cut.
  • Alpha-numerically sequenced.
  • Double loop, with 1 set of numbers for security.


For 3mm diameter version:
Cast zinc body
3mm galvanized steel aircraft cable
Carton (10 per bundle)
100 per box Weight): 11kg

Strength Characteristics

For 3mm diameter version:
Average pull apart force is 1,630 kg
Average cutting force (shear) is 840 kg
Average impact force is 40-49 ft-lb (54-67 Nm)


Intermodal Containers / ISO Containers / Trailers

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5 Units

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5mm diameter version available as a special order only. 5mm specifications match the 3mm version with the following exceptions: 5mm galvanized steel aircraft cable, minimum order 500 units, 50 per box, weight: 13kg, average pull apart force is 2,950 kg, average cutting force (shear) 1,175 kg and average impact force is 50+ ft-lb (68+ Nm).

Core Specifications: