ChillerAir Bag

The ultimate low temperature maintenance catering solution, that offers genuine cost savings as a result of being substantially cheaper and easier to handle than dry ice.

The ChillerAir Bag (patent pending) is an intuitively designed insulated bag that includes ice brick pockets on four sides and optional inner lid and base pocket. The number of ice bricks used will depend on the desired temperature that the food or drinks are to be served at. The product neatly fits into the tray of airline catering carts. It is exceptionally fast and hassle free to use due to the magnetic opening and closure and configurable opening positions.The new flat pack product design option reduces shipping cost and storage space.

As if being a vastly easier and more efficient at temperature maintenance was not enough, the product is now sold in a flat pack design! This greatly reduces shipping costs.

Key features:

  • Magnetic opening and closure
  • Configurable opening positions
  • Internal mesh ice brick pockets
  • Lined with insulation foil
  • 25mm wide reinforced carry handle
  • Branding - custom print options
  • Flat pack design (optional)

External Dimension

Custom made to suit catering carts
Frequently ordered assembled size
230 x 370 x 150mm
Width x Height x Gusset


Made from PVC

Minimum order


Custom Options

The bags colour, size and features can be fully customised. Custom print options include screen print or high resolution thermal transfer for intricate logo designs.