CelloTrack Nano (Asset Tracking Solution)
CelloTrack Nano

CelloTrack Nano (Asset Tracking Solution)

Enables real-time monitoring of the location and condition of cargo, assets and goods, including specific alerts related to issues and delays, using a smart portable hub with integrated sensing capabilities and a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) based on the MultiSense Devices.

Ensures continuous recording, event-triggered logic and 'management by exceptions' through flexible programming of business rules to eliminate supply chain mistakes, avoid delays or damages, and reduce insurance expenses.

Prevents theft, loss or misplacement by using proximity, tampering and location sensing throughout the entire supply chain.
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Asset tracking solution that provides precisely the knowledge you need to manage your cargo and mobile assets more effectively.

Core Specifications

Product Details

CelloTrack Nano


  • Temperature 
  • Accelerometer 
  • Light 
  • Impact
  • Movement 
  • Tampering 
  • Barometric Pressure 
  • Sound

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 86.2 x 59.1 x 22.7 mm
Weight: 94 grams

MultiSense (Optional accessory)

16 is the maximum number of units that can be connected to the CelloTrack Nano.


  • Temperature 
  • Accelerometer 
  • Humidity 
  • Light
  • Open/close door 
  • Free fall / Impact 

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 58.5 x 46 x 15 mm
Weight: 19 grams (without battery)

CelloTrack solution highlights

The CelloTrack Nano solution offers the following sensing capabilities:

CelloTrack Nano: temperature, barometric pressure, sound, tampering, impact, geo fencing, movement, light, man down.

MultiSense: temperature, humidity (MultiSense TH), door status, impact/free fall, movement, light. 

SiRFstarV™ engine supporting Hybrid GNSS.

Communicates with backend server via cellular communication (2G, 3G networks) for remote monitoring.

(OTA), configuration and firmware upgrades.

Compliant with cold chain standards and regulations including pharmaceuticals (GDP), perishables transportation standards (EN12830).

A scalable solution, utilizing a wide range of cost-effective peripheral sensors resulting in reduced TCO (total cost of ownership).

Configuration and upgrades via the powerful Cellocator+ software tool.

The versatility and modularity of the CelloTrack Nano solution enables you to meet almost any of your monitoring needs, such as:

Cold Chain

Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity-controlled containers, trailers, pallets or boxes with pharmaceutical or perishable goods. The CelloTrack Nano enables on-the-fly responses when deviations from the required temperature boundaries occur and guarantees compliance with the strictest cold chain regulations (EN 12830).

Logistics & Security

Verification that the required shipment conditions of high-value goods (such as art or consumer electronics) from manufacturer sites or distribution centers are kept according to the defined specifications. The CelloTrack Nano provides real-time alerts in case the goods are mishandled – for example, if they are unloaded at the wrong address, deviate from the planned route, or are opened unexpectedly. Continuous recording and event-triggered logic performed by the CelloTrack Nano help improve efficiency by reducing supply chain mistakes, avoiding delays or damages. When an airborne shipment is part of the route, all data is logged by the CelloTrack Nano and is transmitted upon landing.

Rental Equipment

Efficient monitoring of rented assets, such as storage containers, construction machines, generators, trailers, mobile offices and chemical toilets. The CelloTrack Nano enables stakeholders to monitor the profile of their assets’ usage during the rental period, including location, damage, displacement, operation hours (by movement/vibrations), door status and other inventory management aspects.

Lone Worker

A quick and intuitive way to indicate distress by activating a panic button, or relying on the 3D accelerometer profile, which automatically indicates modes such as man-down (prolonged inactivity). The CelloTrack Nano enables the monitoring of workers’ locations, health statuses and general activity (such as check-in / check-out and movement).

Airplane Mode

When the automatic airplane mode is enabled, the CelloTrack Nano unit, based on the analysis of it's internal multiple sensors, identifies that the flight has commenced and automatically shuts down RF transmissions during the entire flight. The CelloTrack Nano logs all events internally and transmits those events upon landing. Normal transmission mode commences automatically as soon as the airplane is completely still (and the engines are turned off). At this point, all the logged events are transmitted to the back-end. This unique feature complies with FAA guidelines and enables customers to cover end-to-end airborne shipment scenarios, including shipment by land-air-land.