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Harcor would like to wish you and your families all the best for the festive season and a successful 2016

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you about some of the key events from 2015 and also a bit about what's ahead for 2016.

New bag supplies website launched

The goal of relaunching the Bag Supplies website was to showcase the wider range of fabrics and features that Harcor offers its custom bag clients. The new website now more accurately represents Harcor’s bag manufacturing and supply competencies.

It was important to note that not only has the website evolved, but so has Harcor as a bag supplies business. This was thanks to the dedicated members of the Harcor family. From our product development to sales support team who always put customers first. This has resulted in Harcor having built up a reputation as Australia’s leading security bag and commercial bag supplier. Please visit bagsupplies.com.au, If you have not yet had an opportunity to view the website. As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Prestigious ASIAL Platinum Membership awarded to Harcor

The Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) is the largest security industry association in Australia. It has been reported that ASIAL represents a staggering 85% of the local security industry. ASIAL and Harcor were both established in 1969 and play a key role in providing security industry guidance. The prestigious ASIAL Platinum Membership represents 25+ years of membership with the association. This has further reinforced our commitment to the Australian Security Industry. The benefit of obtaining the platinum membership included certification, publication recognition including the announcement at the industry briefing and acknowledgment in the members' directory.

Security Bags ASIAL

SCEC approved Harcor Security Bag sealing system launched at the Security in Government 2015 conference.

Security Bag Show

Security Bags SCEC

It was identified by Harcor that the need to upgrade Government clients to a security chamber that features the patented “fracture safe" break out points was critical. Tamper evidence is shown when an attempt is made to remove the chamber from a bag. The chamber's legs (Tamper Indicator Points) will break out and this will be visible prior to re-opening it. The S-TEC chamber therefore shares this significant security feature that is inherent in all the TEC chambers.

Clients are now able to order any size stock or custom made bag housing the S-TEC chamber. TEC and S-TEC chambers are locally designed and patented by Harcor.

Harcor's Artwork Transportation Bag unveiled!

Movement of valuable artwork from homes, galleries, museums and auction houses often presents a problem. What is the best way to protect and store the artwork? The Harcor design team have the answer. It's called the Artwork Transportation Bag. The bag is specially designed for protecting artwork on the move. The padded bag design not only protects the contents but also could be carried seamlessly from multiple sides.

As a security seal specialist, Harcor is able to offer this product with a security chamber closure in place of the standard Velcro flap. This would enable sealing of the bag with a security seal. The security seal can then be inspected during artwork movements to ensure that it is still intact.

Plastic Pulltight security seal successor announced.

Plastic seals news

The Plastic Pulltight seal has been one of Harcor's flagship security products and so when it came to introducing its successor, the development team had to look at what made the security seal so popular. The plastic pulltight seal has a very low breaking strength so it is easy to remove by hand and it has a narrow diameter tail making it suitable for countless applications. The low breaking strain is essential when easy removal is required in cases of emergency. The replacement product "Plastic Pulltight 2" seal meets the above criteria and beats them. The breaking strength is 0.5kg lower plus the overall diameter of the tail is 0.4mm smaller. This makes the seal easier to remove by hand and suitable for more applications that require a narrow diameter tail.

What's on the horizon for the new year?

Clients can expect the introduction of additional ordering portal features and an array of new products such as Themis compatable security bags. The website will also continue to offer new "special offers" next year that you can take advantage of.

Introduction of Themis

The new Themis seal is in stock and security bags that are compatible with the Themis security seal will be available for orders early next year. Harcor will be launching an awareness campaign for the new product range next year.

The large print featured on the Themis seals saves clients time when auditing numbers, as it can be done quickly without having to move closer to the seal for inspection. Adding barcodes to stock security seals enables customers to instantly change processes to include electronic recording of serial numbering.

Security Seals News 2

Ordering Portal Update

Harcor have successfully moved into the retail bag space having securing retail bag contacts. Next year will see additional bag ordering portals developed with one of the new major features... access to live stock count via the portal.

These are a few features that are available from the Harcor customer ordering portal: real-time stock information, customisable branding, favourites, multi-browser support, password management, quick entry with item codes, save shopping carts, advanced item search and much more.

Our office will be closed from 24th December 2015 and re-opens 4th January 2016

Thank you for your business this year and we look forward to working with you again in the New Year.

Kind Regards - David Melamed
National and International Marketing Manager

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