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Harcor offices will be closed from 24th December 2016 and re-opens on 3rd January 2017.

The Harcor team and myself would like to wish you and your families all the best for the festive season and a successful 2017. I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you about some of the key events from 2016 and give you a preview of an exciting product that will be released in January 2017.

Office signage updated to represent the latest branding and business progression.

The new signage reflects the dynamic brand that Harcor is and the progress achieved over the last few years in our Bag Supplies, Emergency Essentials and Technology Portfolio.

Security Seals Office 2016

Clients are always welcome to visit the Harcor offices to meet with our friendly staff. It is recommended that an appointment is made prior to visiting so that samples and relevant product literature is prepared in advance. Our contact details can be found here.

ASSA ABLOY entered into exciting new distributorship with Harcor.

Security Seal Partnership 5

Harcor have consistently provided the highest level of expertise in security sealing systems with a proven 48 year track record. This has resulted in the Harcor team possessing the ideal infrastructure required to offer sales and support of the market leading ASSA ABLOY product range.

Not only has the distributorship added intelligent locks and other advanced locking solutions to our product range, but it has also aided Harcor in supplying a more complete security solution to clients. Harcor is able to supply very favourable prices to clients on all ASSA ABLOY products which include some of the most trusted names in security such as Lockwood and Yale.

Harcor provided the latest wireless electronic access system for the world’s first deployment of the ASSA ABLOY product.

Wireless Key Control 2016

Electronic Keying System 1

The electronic keying system is called eCLIQ. Harcor is the local distributor for this innovative product. Having gained overwhelmingly positive feedback from their aviation industry client, Harcor has been catapulted into focusing on building increased awareness for eCLIQ.

What makes eCLIQ a fantastic product is that it offers an electronic access system without the need for wiring that can retrofit into current doors and locks. One of the many advantages of this is the reduced cost of installation and the ability to provide seamless access control in remote locations. The product also offers the type of features you would expect from the latest technology such as programmable access rights, time scheduling, audit trails, blocking of lost keys and more. What might come as a pleasant surprise to clients is that it's also a cost effective solution.

New security seal and bag introduced to the market.

The name Themis is fairly unidentifiable to the majority of people unless you studied Greek Mythology. The new seal's name was inspired by Themis, the ancient Greek Titaness. Themis was described as "of good counsel", and is the personification of divine order, law and custom.

Harcor took a "go big or go home" approach to the design of the new seals and ensured the flag would be large enough to print extra large numbering or a barcode.

Large numbering saves clients time when auditing numbers, as it can be done quickly without having to move closer to the seal for inspection. In dark environments such as warehouses, larger numbering will be a real time saver.

More and more businesses are automating processes. With the increased popularity of business smart phone use, automation did not look like it was going to slow down anytime soon. So a decision was made to add barcodes to a range of stock standard Themis bag seals.

The larger seal design not only creates a larger print area but also improved handling. The new security chamber shares the most significant security feature that is inherent in the original Tec Chamber series. This feature is the "fracture safe" break out points. Tamper evidence will show if an attempt is made to remove the chamber from a bag. The chamber's legs (Tamper Indicator Points) will break out and this will be visible prior to re-opening it. Harcor is the only company that offers patented security chambers with "fracture safe" break out points. This feature results in tamper evidence not being limited to the security seal, but also the security chamber.

The updated design also includes other features such as "false lock protection" and easy insertion, amongst other security modifications. Harcor envisions that all clients, over time, will move over to the new seal and chamber combination, especially as it offers more advantages than its predecessor.

Security Seal News 2016 4

Harcor's "Exact & Track" Serial Number Tracking System was presented by Exact Software at this year's customer day as a Australian success model. 

When you buy a security seal from Harcor you are not only purchasing quality physical security seals, the seals from Harcor often contain serial number security. Having companies trust Harcor for over four decades with their security has resulted in the development and maintenance of what Harcor considers the most advanced security seal numbering system available. The main reason most businesses use serial numbering is to track and trace items in the supply chain. When security seals are removed, the serial number is normally checked against the manifest or security log. The integrity and accuracy of the serial numbers being supplied is therefore a crucial part of the supply chain process. Errors such as number duplication can lead to product recall and theft. Harcor fully understand the significant importance of serial number management, tracking millions of new serial numbers every year.

Security Seal Printing 2016

Harcor’s ERP software has been reengineered to provide an advanced serial number tracking solution incorporating fundamental number duplication safeguards. The system developed is called the Exact & Track. The Exact & Track system securely stores serial number data, protects against serial number duplication, enables fast serial numbering and tracking. It is not until a company is asked to track a serial number that the speed and accuracy of the system stands out. Harcor can attest to the key role the Exact & Track software module plays in maintaining their ongoing leadership position in the security seals market.

Security Seal Tracking 2016

At the end of the day Harcor’s clients are not only purchasing physical security seals, but due to the serial numbering, also peace of mind. Harcor continue to invest in both hardware and software, such as Exact & Track, to maintain its reputation for reliability.

Harcor now manufacture and stock Bottled Water Cooler Bags & Disposable Gloves Bags for Emergency Services customers.

Due to demand Harcor now stock Bottled Water Cooler Bags and dual ice bricks. The bags are currently available with CFA or NSW Rural Fire Service printing. Designed for heavy handling, the Bottled Water Cooler Bags are an essential aid used for combating heat stress and speeding up recovery.

The other new product to the Emergency Essentials range is the Disposable Gloves Bag. The bag protects and enables quick access to disposable gloves when attached to a fixed position in any location including vehicles. The Disposable Gloves Bag has been designed to fit all size commercial disposable glove bag boxes.

This year Harcor promoted the option of full colour printing on a wide array of emergency services bags. All premium fire fighter bags are eligible for logo printing. This option is valid for orders of ten bags or more.

What if a wireless access control system could use your phone or tablet to remotely program keys?

On the horizon for 2017 and being unveiled next month is the new version of the eCLIQ system titled CLIQ Go. It will have two major differences. The first advancement is that you can use a phone or tablet to remotely program keys via bluetooth. The second change is that unlike the standard eCLIQ wireless access control system that has been deployed chiefly by large business, the new system will be more than a suitable solution for both small and medium sizes clients. If you wish to see a demonstration, act fast and contact [email protected] or respond to this email. Not only can we arrange a demonstration for you offsite but can also do this onsite as our Melbourne office is switching over to the new system this month.

Thank you for your business this year and we look forward to working with you again in the New Year.

Kind Regards - David Melamed
National and International Marketing Manager

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