Plastic pulltite security seal successor announced. Tuesday 12 May 2015 @ 10:35

The Plastic Pulltite seal has been one of Harcor's flagship security products and so when it came to introducing its successor the development team had to look at what made the security seal so popular.

The plastic pulltite seal has a very low breaking strength so it is easy to remove by hand and it has a narrow diameter tail making it suitable for countless applications. The low breaking strain is especially essential when easy removal is required in cases of emergency.

The replacement product "Plastic Pulltight 2" seal meets the above criteria and beats them. The breaking strength is 0.5kg lower plus the overall diameter of the tail is 0.4mm smaller. This makes the seal easier to remove by hand and suitable for more applications that require a narrow diameter tail.

A few of the popular applications for this security seal include sealing fire extinguishers, fire exits, medical kits, drums, emergency equipment and information tagging.

The Plastic Pulltight 2 like its predecessor carries the Harcor product warranty and will be made available in the next few months.