New Bag Supplies website launched! Tuesday 03 November 2015 @ 08:40

The goal of relaunching the Bag Supplies website was to showcase the wider range of fabrics and features that Harcor offers its custom bag customers. The new website now more accurately represents Harcor’s bag manufacturing and supply competencies.

Custom Bag Website

It was important to note that not only has the website evolved, but so has Harcor as a bag supplies business. This was thanks to the dedicated members of the Harcor family. From product development to sales support who always put customers first, Harcor has built up a reputation as Australia’s leading security bag and commercial bag supplier.

As a bag manufacturer and supplier, Harcor is committed to providing their expertise locally and abroad. The new website is seen as a platform that will enable the company to provide a more comprehensive source of valuable information for its clients. The site design has been developed with the intention of evolving over time as static sites are not considered to be of high value in today’s digital environment.

Harcor is excited to invite you to visit the new Bag Supplies website. As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome.