The new edition of the digital catalogue that features Security Seals, Custom Bags, Key Control and more, is out now! Tuesday 21 November 2017 @ 09:17

Due to the release of the GR6 Security Seal and a variety of other new products, Harcor have released a new edition of their digital catalogue this month. To view it simply visit: 

Large Security Seals

The GR6 (GRIP RIP SERIES NO.6) has been specially highlighted as it has the largest flag of all Harcor’s Security Seals. If you are looking to supersize, see page 23 of the catalogue.

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Harcor is excited to announce the recent appointment of two new members to the team. Monday 23 October 2017 @ 08:58

The Harcor team has built a reputation in Australia and abroad as a leading supplier of security seals, bag supplies, emergency essentials and technology solutions. Employees are vastly experienced in the industries they serve, with a commitment to customer satisfaction that’s second to none.

Harcor is excited to announce the recent appointment of two new members to the team. Brad Dallafiore (Customer Solutions Manager) and Sonia Yeager (Sales Coordinator) have both joined Harcor this month.

Security Seals -New Members 2

The new team members bring with them a wealth of experience from the Security and Technology industry. We are confident they will continue to offer the same high level of customer service you have come to expect from Harcor.

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Security Seals, Key Management Technology and more to be on show at Security & Government Tuesday 26 September 2017 @ 00:00

A select assortment of Security Seals, Security Bags, Key Management Technology and other SCEC approved solutions will be showcased by Harcor at the Security & Government Expo this year.

Security Seals for Government

The Security & Government Expo is a one-day pop-up event that brings together government and commercial end users, consultants, integrators and installers in Canberra to see the latest security solutions in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

We would like to invite you to visit Stand Number 25 where you will have the opportunity to meet with us face to face and ask any questions you may have about our Security Seals, Security Bags and Key Management Products. We look forward to seeing you there.

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New Product Catalogue Thursday 24 August 2017 @ 11:38

Looking for Security Seals, Custom Bags or Key Control Solutions? Look no further, the new Harcor Product Catalogue is out now! You can view the full catalogue online by clicking on the Fullscreen icon after hovering over the image below.

The current catalogue reflects the dynamic brand that Harcor is and the products that can be found in our Security Seals, Bag Supplies, Emergency Essentials and Technology product portfolios. The catalogue is fully interactive and you can seamlessly jump from the contents page to any category by selecting the category name or image. To return to the contents page, simply select the blue bar found at the bottom of the page. Using the product title links, you can visit the website for more detailed information.

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Custom Bag Manufacturing Tuesday 25 July 2017 @ 08:30

Harcor has manufactured a broad range of customised bags since 1969. Some of the bag styles being manufactured include emergency, mail, pizza and security bags. The bag manufacture methodology for getting a new bag design ready for production includes: project kickoff, design and approval.

Project kickoff

Upon receipt of a bag design brief, the project team will review the brief in terms of intended use, volume required, size and material to be used. At this point the production, delivery time frames and any special requests the client has are established.

Bag Manufacturer -Custom Designs

Design & Approval

A draft design will be submitted to the client for review and approval. The design will be shaped by the client’s input and will factor the bags dimensions, material, position of zips, if required, and other features such as insulation for example. For complex bags Harcor will always provide a prototype for approval by the client before production commences.

Bag Manufacturer

If you are considering having a basic bag manufactured or something more complex, contact us for assistance and professional advice.

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Complying with ISO’s 17712 High Security Seal Standards Tuesday 20 June 2017 @ 09:16

The ISO developed a voluntary international standard including specifications and requirements for a security seals to be classified as “High Security”.

ISO 17712 Security Seals

Harcor is able to demonstrate that the “High Security” seals that have been classified as ISO 17712 compliant meet the international standard. This is confirmed by certification from an accredited independent laboratory. The laboratory conducts testing to ensure that the security seal has the required built-in tamper evidence features needed to meet the standard’s specifications. The laboratory conducting the testing should be accredited according to ISO procedures, such as ISO 17025.

The type of seals that are eligible for “High Security Seal” classification must be made from metal and therefore Bolt Security Seals and Cable Security Seal models are eligible for ISO 17712 classification.

Including an “H” mark on the locking body and bolt is one of the requirements for a Bolt Security Seal to comply with ISO 17712:2013. This is an easy element to inspect. Other requirements include strength characteristics, durability against weather, chemicals and tampering.

C-TPAT is a government program run by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Bureau that states “…a high security seal must be affixed to all loaded containers bound for the U.S. and all seals must meet or exceed the current ISO 17712 standards for high security seals.”

Harcor stock a range of High Security Seals that fully comply with C-TPAT as they have been ISO 17712:2013 high security seal certified. Please see the C-TPAT security seals webpage or contact us if you require information on any cargo security matters.

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America’s leading mechanical key management system now available in Australia. Tuesday 23 May 2017 @ 10:00

With all the highly sophisticated key management systems available sometimes what is really needed, is the perfect mechanical, non-computerised system for safeguarding keys.

Key Management System - New

The Cobra Key Management System is now available in Australia from Harcor. The patented and user-friendly Cobra Key Management System comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 keys to 160 keys units. You can select a wall board or key cabinet system. It is the ideal mechanical key management system for a wide variety of applications and will save you time and money.

The key management system makes hanging keys simple and tags are easily read. Insert your numbered access key into the lock to release a set of keys when needed. Access keys are locked in by the unit when keys are checked out. The access key will not be released until the return of the borrowed keys. The system comes with key holders, access keys, Versa-Tags, 1 master key and an operating manual.

Key Management System - Example

Internationally, car dealerships, workshops, real estate agencies and many other types of businesses and educational institutions already rely on the Cobra Key Cabinet Systems.

For detailed information on the Cobra Key Management System and other key control solutions you can view the range here, or for a product demonstration, please contact us.

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Exact Software has published an in-depth article profiling Harcor this month. Thursday 20 April 2017 @ 08:30

The article features Harcor’s success relating to the deployment of custom ordering portals and the use of a unique security seal serial number tracking module.

When security seals are removed, the serial number is normally checked against the manifest or security log. The integrity and accuracy of the serial numbers being processed are vital in supply chain operations. Errors such as number duplication can lead to product recall and theft. Harcor fully understand the significant importance of serial number management, tracking millions of new serial numbers every year. The Exact & Track serial number tracking module was developed by Exact Software in conjunction with Harcor to securely store serial number data, protect against serial number duplication, enable fast serial numbering and tracking of security seals.

The ordering portal technology utilised by Harcor allows specific customers to have a unique individual ordering system with real-time stock information. As a result the customer places the order fully aware of the availability of supply. Customers can also re-order past orders, review them or save “favourite” orders, which can easily be repeated. Running numerous Synergy ECP ordering portals, tailored for use by some of Australia’s largest security and retail business, Harcor were sought out by Exact Software to comment on its appeal.

Security Seals -News from Exact

Please click here to download the full article.

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ICC Sydney opened recently with Harcor having supplied security seals and bags to support Darling Harbour’s most exciting renewal in 25 years. Friday 24 March 2017 @ 08:30

Harcor are not only supplying security seals and bags, this year Harcor will also be exhibiting at the ICC Sydney. The company will be taking part in Total Facilities (Stand F36), AFAC Exhibition (Stand 273) and the  Security 2017 Exhibition (Stand K7).

ICC Secuirity Seals

You are invited to visit the Harcor stand where you will have the opportunity to meet with the team face to face and ask any questions you may have about our products and systems. We encourage you to register online prior to the show to avoid the queues. We look forward to seeing you there.

Total Facilities 2017

Wednesday 29 March: 10am – 5pm
Thursday 30 March: 10am – 5pm

Security 2017

Wednesday 26 July: 9:30am – 5pm
Thursday 27 July: 9:30am – 5pm
Friday 28 July: 9:30am – 3:30pm

AFAC 2017

Monday 4 September: 1pm – 6pm
Tuesday 5 September: 8am – 5pm
Wednesday 6 September: 8am – 3.30pm

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Have you ever wondered why black is not a popular Security Seal colour? Monday 20 February 2017 @ 09:24

Polypropylene being a thermoplastic polymer is the preferred material to use when manufacturing plastic seals. This is due to the material warping and burning easily when heated compared to other plastics such as Nylon. If an effort is made to tamper with the polypropylene security seal and reattach two parts via a heating technique the tampering would be clearly noticeable. The example photographed below shows the blue S Grip Security Seal revealing tampering. The material's colour changes to black when heated. The colour change would have not been noticeable had the seal colour been black.

Security Seal Example

Security Seal Recommendations

Harcor plastic security seals are serial numbered. These serial numbers serve as a unique identifier. Harcor recommends having a procedure in place to record the numbers prior to use and removal. Security seals should be stored in a secure location. All security seals should be inspected for tampering before removal. A comparison should always be made against a known genuine seal. You can view the range of Harcor’s Security Seals here or contact us now to discuss how we can assist you.

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