Exploring the different types of Security Seals Tuesday 22 January 2019 @ 09:00

The primary use for a security seal is to deter and expose unauthorised access. Security seals like locks are designed for a specific purposes such as sealing cargo containers, meters, bags and much more. The purpose will determine the type of security seal applied.

Security Seals - Types

Security seals can be broken into two key categories:

Indicative Seals

Security seals that can be removed without the need for special tools. These seals are used in a wide variety of situations, either where the item to be sealed has no capacity, or necessity, for increased protection from forced entry.

Indicative seals do vary in pull apart strength. For example, the seals used for fire extinguishers have a low breaking strain, as rapid access is essential. These seals can be removed by hand. In contrast, the security seals used to seal tautliners generally have a higher pull apart strength. This increases the wear capacity and reduces the opportunity for chance crime. An ordinary cutting tool such as a scissors is normally used for removal.

These security seals also vary in design type, for example fixed length seals have a single sealing position versus adjustable length seals that have multiple sealing positions.

Barrier Seals

Barrier security seals cannot be removed without special tools. Barrier seals serve a dual-purpose: barrier protection and sealing. These security seals are used to prevent break-ins, protect cargo and improve supply chain integrity. This is achieved as removal tools are not always carried by thieves and removal is difficult to conceal.

Common barrier seal types include bolt, cable and bar security seals.

Bolt seals are regularly used to secure container and vehicle doors in order to protect high value cargo. Bolt cutters are normally required for removal.

Cable security seals also have a wide list of applications including sealing containers, dangerous goods, drums, equipment, hatches, doors and more. Cable cutters are generally required for removal.

Bar seals easily mount to containers and require both a power cutting tool such as an angle grinder and a cable cutter for removal.

Where to start

With so many different types of security seals available to you, please contact Harcor for advice on taking your security sealing to the next level.

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Key Management Systems, now with more features at your fingertips. Thursday 13 December 2018 @ 10:30

Last month Harcor unveiled the new IKLAS Key Management Systems in Australia. The next generation of systems are now being supplied with touch screens, and can be configured to suit a wide variety of business and security needs.

Key Management Systems - News

The touch screen models have increased speed of operation, ease of use and are very intuitive. This reduces administration time and improves user experience. Not only that, they also include a host of new features, such as:

• Various access modes for different users and dual authentication options.
• A one-time use password can be requested by visitors using the touch screen (sent to administrator for approval).
• Direct transaction report downloads from key cabinets in addition to access via web browser through TCP/IP interface.

Meeting the unique needs of our customers, with regards to managing the use and movement of keys in buildings and facilities, is a fundamental part of Harcor’s expertise. The product development team are confident that not only will the touch screen systems meet the needs of customers, some features will exceed expectations!

For more information about these Key Management Systems click here.

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Why Security Seal printing is a popular branding choice. Tuesday 20 November 2018 @ 08:30

In the environment that we live in today, it is essential that businesses deter and expose unauthorised access. From containers to food bag deliveries and the vast number of other sealing applications in-between, security seals continue to be used to reveal tampering.

Security Seals branding

Security seals now more than ever also play a role in brand awareness. As businesses include security sealing as part of their operations and packaging, the branding featured on the seals demonstrates their commitment to security.

Having established the first, and to Harcor’s knowledge, the only dedicated security seal printing service in Australia, Harcor remain committed to offering custom security seal printing. Local printing operations includes both thermal transfer and hot foil stamping.

As many security seals have a limited print area, precision stamping is critical. Clients benefit greatly from the stamping experience and expertise offered by Harcor. The standard printing tapes that are carried in stock are black and white for thermal transfer printing; and black, white, blue, green, yellow and red for hot foil stamping.

As Harcor supply a large variety of security seals, branding options vary greatly from one seal to another. Not only do the branding options vary, certain seals can be branded in smaller quantities such as one thousand units while others require a greater minimum volume. Due to this, if you are looking to have security seals stamped with a logo, barcodes or something out of the ordinary, please contact Harcor for assistance and professional advice.

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New Security Seal added to transportation sealing range. Friday 19 October 2018 @ 08:28

The new bolt security seal has been tested to ISO 17712:2013 and is C-TPAT compliant.

Security Seal for Containers 2 - Yellow Bolt Seal

ISO 17712:2013 is the latest ISO standard, pertaining to security seals. For a security seal to be C-TPAT compliant it must meet or exceed the current ISO 17712 standards for a high security seal.

C-TPAT is a government program run by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection stating that “…a high security seal must be affixed to all loaded containers bound for the U.S. and all seals must meet or exceed the current ISO 17712 standards for high security seals.”

Purchasing security seals that are tested to the high security standard as classified by the most recent ISO 17712 gives you peace of mind that you are getting a high security seal, even if you are not sending cargo to the U.S.

It is not hard to find ISO 17712:2013 compliance claims on security seal styles that are not eligible for compliance. This makes it difficult to determine if any ISO 17712 claim is legitimate, unless you procure from a trusted supplier, that ensures the products not only has an ISO 17712:2013 certificate, but that the certificate is issued by an accredited ISO 17712:2013 testing laboratory. This is currently not difficult to confirm as only a very limited number of testing laboratories are accredited to perform ISO 17712:2013 testing.

Preventing unauthorised access to cargo requires having the right products in place. High Security Bolt Seals provides a physical barrier and deterrent to theft. Security seal serial numbering is also a crucial component of the seal’s security integrity. Harcor developed the Exact & Track system that successfully managers millions of serial numbers every year. The system securely stores serial number data, protects against serial number duplication and provides quick serial number tracking.

The new bolt security seal that has been added to the range is titled TAVSEAL-2. This bolt seal joins the One Seal and other industry leading logistic sealing solutions. The complete transport industry sealing range can be viewed by clicking here.

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Security Seals, the first line of defence against unauthorised access. Thursday 13 September 2018 @ 08:30

Without applying a security seal to bags, doors, cabinets, packaging, meters, drums, fire extinguishers, containers and more they can be simply opened and closed without leaving a trace. Concerned that your contents have been accessed? This is where security seals come into play.

Security Seals - defence against unauthorised access

Security seals are a key deterrent to preventing unauthorised access due to being highly visible and quick to expose tampering. The sooner you are aware of unauthorised access the sooner the instance can be examined. Security seals can prevent unauthorised access being discovered; too far down the supply chain, or too late to effectively investigate.

Some security seals offer a physical access barrier requiring a cutting tool for removal. Others, such as the security seals used for fire extinguishers, have a low breaking strain so that the fire extinguishers can be accessed rapidly.

The emergency services industry, among many others, also use security seals to speed up inventory auditing. Fire extinguishers or medical cabinets that are no longer security sealed can be easily identified and inspected for restocking or servicing requirements.

This article’s image shows three examples of exposed tampering: the security label reveals a void/open text message while being partially removed from a surface, a cable seal’s wire unravelled when cut to prevent reattachment and a security seal’s material discolours instantly when an attempt is made to reattach two parts of the tail via a heating method.

In addition to the physical properties of a security seal, numbering is also a critical component of the seal’s security integrity. Harcor developed Exact & Track technology that manages millions of security seal serial numbers every year. The benefit being, secure serial number data storage, protection against serial number duplication and faster serial number tracking. View https://harcor.com.au/news/security-seal-numbering to find out more about Exact & Track.

Harcor offers a wide range of high security seals to suit almost all sealing applications. Click here to see the full range of security seals.

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Watch the latest video on security bag use. Wednesday 15 August 2018 @ 08:30

In this video we show you how to easily use a Themis® security bag. Most styles of Harcor reusable security bags are sealed using the method demonstrated.

In the video below, we’ll demonstrate how the Themis® security chamber exposes tampering.

Please visit our Reusable Security Bag category to view the range of styles available. Harcor is committed to continue to set the standard for bag security.

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New security seal colours available for Australian designed security bags. Tuesday 24 July 2018 @ 12:09

The Themis security bag range was quickly adopted locally after the recent launch. Last year the bags also proved to be a big hit internationally. The boost in international sales has demonstrated that the Australian designed security innovation has been recognised globally.

New security seal colours

Harcor is the only company that offers its patented security chambers with "fracture safe" tamper indicator points. This feature results in tamper evidence not being limited to the security seal, but also the security chamber. The new design also includes other features such as "false lock protection" and easy insertion, amongst many other security modifications.

Due to popular demand new Themis security seal colours pastel blue and pink are now available. Click here for more information. 

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New video demonstrating unique security seal numbering system released. Wednesday 20 June 2018 @ 09:01

The principal reason most businesses use serial numbered security seals is to track items in the supply chain. This is done to prevent product recall and theft.

Harcor have progressed serial numbering technology since 1969 and have developed what they consider to be the most advanced security seal numbering system available. It was now time to put the system known as Exact & Track into the limelight. A video was produced to show the key benefits of using a system of this calibre. The Exact & Track module was built on Exact Globe ERP software technology. Benefits of this technology include securely storing serial number data, protecting against serial number duplication and enabling fast serial numbering and tracking. Keep in mind when buying security seals, you should have peace of mind!

The Exact & Track system accurately tracks millions of new serial numbers every year, becoming a vital part of the supply chain process. This has reinforced Harcor’s reputation for reliability in the security seals sector.

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Epic Security Seal available now Tuesday 08 May 2018 @ 07:50

Epic Security Seal was released in Australia this month. The new security seal is epic by name and features. Boasting an impressive 52-kilogram breaking strain, wow! It goes without saying that it is not the type of seal that we recommend trying to break by hand, a cutting tool is highly recommended unless you are an Olympic gold medal body builder. What truly earns this seal the epic title is that it includes a translucent chamber cover, designed to reveal attempts to tamper with the seal's high strength metal locking jaw. The seal also includes gripping prongs that are ideal for gripping sacks and useful for many other sealing applications.

 Security Seal - Epic

To find out more please visit the product page or if you require additional information on any security sealing applications contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

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New Key Management Cabinet to be demonstrated at Total Facilities 2018 Tuesday 10 April 2018 @ 07:55

Visit the Harcor stand at Total Facilities 2018 to interact with the latest key management and access control solutions. This includes the newly launched MATRIX key control system. It is the first time this intelligent key and asset management system has been on show in Australia. The marriage between simplicity and advanced technology is very evident when the system is demonstrated!

New Key Management Cabinet

Total Facilities returns to Melbourne this year from 18 – 19 April at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The exhibit brings together a wide range of intelligent solutions over two value-packed days, featuring strategies and the right connections to future proof your building or workplace for the new era.

Click here for more information and to register online for free entry. If you have any questions for the team, you will find our friendly and knowledgeable staff at stand number H30.

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