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  •  ISO 17712 and C-TPAT compliant.
  •  Plastic coating will show evidence of tampering and protects against corrosion.
  •  Patented locking mechanism provides easy locking and a high tensile strength.
  •  Laser marked numbering on both bolt and body.
  •  Minimum hole size for bolt to pass through 10.5mm diameter


Bolt & Body: steel
Plastic coating: ABS

Carton (250 Units)

Size: 59 x 36 x 18cm
Weight: 19.1kg

Minimum Order

Sold in multiples of 50

Strength Characteristics

Tensile strength: approx. 12.8kN (equivalent to ~1300kg)
Shear strength: approx. 23.5kN (equivalent to ~2400kg)
Bending strength: approx. 70.6Nm
Impact strength: > 40.7J

Core Specifications:
Unit Of Measure
Light Blue
Unique Character
Stock Numbered